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The place where ML and UI blend with UX using the latest bleeding edge technologies

We're looking for a great, smart intern to join our small team and help us create the best video-driven platform as a service on the web!

We're looking for an intern that:

- Is smart
- Loves challenges
- Always eager to learn something new
- Likes JavaScript or wants to go into data analysis and/or ML.
- Likes either Front-End or Back-End.
- And is passionate about startups, owning equity and technology (you love being up to date with the latest tech and read HackerNews, TC and other similar websites).
A bit about us

Findie is a video content discovery platform with two major uses:

B2C: We are a direct-to-consumer video curator that publishes the best cinematic (well-made) videos on the web. See it in action at https://www.findie.me/

B2B: We also open our platform to other brands in a PaaS (Platform as a Service) model, and our first client is the world's largest cosmetics group.

As an intern, you'll touch a lot of technologies (depending if you're into front-end or back-end):

Front-End: JavaScript, React, Sockets, WebWorkers and a lot of cool HTML & CSS

Back-End: Neo4j (Graph Database), MongoDB (No-SQL), JavaScript (node.js), Hapi (API Framework), Servers (and Server Scaling, and Object Storage and Real-Time Communication, and Cloud-based Load Balancing), Video Processing with ffmpeg, ElasticSearch, Python (SciKit-Learn), etc (we touch EVERYTHING!!!!)

As an intern, you'll be responsible exponential learning curve.  And having fun breaking stuff fast. :D
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