Hi there! We are Findie and we are building an AI-powered integrated solution for publishers to showcase their content.

We're looking for an awesome Mobile Engineer. Interested in working with the newest technologies?
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The place where UI blends with UX using the latest bleeding edge web technologies

We're looking for a great Mobile Engineer, an A+ person that can join our small team and help us create the best User Experience there is on the web.
You have:
* React Native experience or iOS / Android Native Development
* Strong JavaScript experience
* Developed, helped design and maintained a suite of abstract apps (either iOS or Android)
* Contributed to several apps in the App or Play Store

You want to contribute to the strategy, development, and design of our new mobile apps.
Able to work independently with little supervision and your goal is to deliver high quality regardless the product!
Creative and passionate about startups (want to own a piece of one) and technology. 
You want your ideas to be implemented and you are the guy that comes in the office Monday saying he got it all figured out?
A bit about us

Findie is a video content discovery platform with 2 major uses:

B2C: We are a direct-to-consumer video curator that publishes the best cinematic (well-made) videos on the web. See it in action at https://www.findie.me/

B2B: We also open our platform to other brands in a PaaS (Platform as a Service) model, and our first client is the world's largest cosmetics group.

As a senior front-end developer you will be responsible for delivering outstanding UX for tens of millions of users around the globe.

*We have: our hands dirty with the newest technologies, an awesome office, cool people and an open mind // BASICALLY WE ARE PRETTY COOL
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